Reader Reviews

“A powerful new book!

If you like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, The Secret, or just would like the “chance” to really grow into the person you were meant to be and always wanted to be, you will love this book. It can change your life! This Way Out by Diane Light is the BEST book I’ve ever read in this genre of self-improvement (and I’ve read them all). I will be studying it and using it literally as a guide and map to reach my highest potential. The fact that I am actually writing this review is a very big change in me! I am changing in ways I have always wanted to. This book with its ideas and methods are making the difference. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon it!”

— Anonymous, Google Books

“I got a chance to sit down and read THIS WAY OUT over the holidays and really found it to be fascinating. It provides a completely new and sensible perspective on what makes us tick, and how to have more power in our lives.

It does not go without note that a woman has developed a personality theory that captures, synthesizes, and furthers the psychology of this modern era, and offers us our power back. Diane Light takes us way beyond Freud’s theory and his message that we are too complex to figure ourselves out. In THIS WAY OUT, she presents us with a system and methods that can be grasped and used by anyone who really wants to grow (and to actually grow up). Her unique perspective on psychology speaks to the dignity and power in each of us to make our own lives better. In no way does she suggest that psychotherapists are obsolete, only that the role has greatly changed from Freud’s day.

I found this book to be organized, insightful, thorough, well researched, and beautifully written. For me it’s a game changer. It is that good!”

— Carrie A. Honore,

“This quiet and sometimes fun little book is packed with flashes of genius. The list of new ideas and concepts, that on their surface can strike a reader as simple, are actually incredibly insightful gems that create opportunities for anyone willing to apply them. The power to change is often touted in self-help books, but THIS WAY OUT by Diane Light actually delivers a clear and consistent new way of looking at how we think. By putting our current culture of confusion into the context of evolution, this book gives new hope to “who we are” and where we can be going.

What we have here is a fully developed and powerful new personality theory that includes our spirituality as a part of the psyche. This is a personality theory that fits well in the new spirituality friendly paradigm of cutting edge science. As a practicing psychotherapist, I very much appreciate and find I can work with this functional new model. It is filled with the kind of life-changing practical new information and ideas that come along once in a blue moon! I love it for myself and plan to recommend it to all my clients.”

— Inspired,

“Based on a new way to view what is behind our thoughts and actions that make us who we are the author has written a book which includes both theory and practical application for overcoming the negative patterns and thoughts that lead us to destructive behaviors. Her theory called Personal Integration Therapy (IT) is the heart of the book. It asks us to follow a path of personal exploration and exercises to change and overcome what has been dealt to us through our family history as we grew up. It is difficult for many of us to recognize that a difficult childhood has had such a profound impact on our development and created difficulty in transitioning from the kid to the adult. The book spends a fair amount time discussing this transition and what happens when the roles get confused. There are many exercises in the book to help individuals apply IT theory which can seem a bit technical but can help us come to grips and understand how trauma or other injuries in childhood have so deeply formulated who we are as adults.

I recently read former NBA great Jerry West’s book, “West by West” where a man who had everything was still tormented by the abuse and trauma of his childhood. Now in his late 60s he realized not being able to deal with childhood trauma has led to problems in all of his relationships and ongoing serious depression throughout his adult life. He comments in the book, “I know what happened to me but never understood how to move beyond it.” He went through years of traditional therapy and research on his own that has given him insight, but no solutions. Although the book combines, which the author acknowledges, a lot of different theories in the realm of psychology and religion that are part of IT, it still provides fresh insight and a road map for those wanting to move forward with their lives to live a more fulfilling and happier life. The author is clear this journey will take you to places you may have buried or wanted to forget long ago. This is hard work but for those willing, the reward is in gaining an understanding to the basic Buddhist question, “Who Am I?”.”

— Basketballbuddhist,

“I just finished reading This Way Out by Diane Light and it is already changing my life! I have recommended it to two friends who are now reading it and they are just as excited as I am about the real tools in it that they can use to get control of their problems and change their lives for the better! Both are successful by many common measures and both are professional people. One is always struggling with money and bad bosses. She has already applied some of the techniques in the book and affected both her job situation and her marriage for the better! The other friend tells me that he feels that it has lifted a veil and he can see a true map to reach his life goals. The ideas in it are brilliant and truly revolutionary!

I predict this book will spread like wildfire across the world as more and more people read it. Like me, they won’t be able to keep it to themselves! It really works! Thank you, Diane Light, for giving the world this wonderful new road map to first, understand ourselves and the new paradigm, and second, for giving us the tools to maneuver through it to find the real power inside. This book is a gift. I want to hear more from Diane Light!”

— Lisa C.,

“THIS WAY OUT: The Power to Change by Diane Light is all of that! It is so much more than a great book!

I just saw the HBO movie Game Change about the 2008 election with Sarah Palin and John McCain. As I watched it I couldn’t help but think how much that title fits this book, and about how much they could have benefited from what I’ve been learning!

Reading THIS WAY OUT has given me a whole new way of looking at myself, my situation, my relationships, and other people! It has given me a new pair of eyes, and I can see myself and other people more realistically. That is power! I feel like I have a real opportunity to get what I actually want–to do what I want to do–and to do it all with integrity.

Read this book. It has the power to change you and your world for the better and that is a Game Change we all can applaud!

5 Stars!”
— Jen H.,

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